Ensuring your CRM emails break through the clutter is always a challenging proposition.

To do so, you need a solid understanding of your audience and their behaviors. Understanding what influences your target audience at a particular moment is critical to ensure your message resonates.

Where should you begin? Start with a look into yourself. Have you ever really thought about how you engage with email? Did you view the email in preview mode? Did you open or just immediately delete it? If you opened the email, did you click the call-to-action?

Just like you, your email targets are also consumers outside of pharma. This is true for patients and caregivers, but even more so for HCPs. Their decision processes and influences go far beyond trade publications, journals, and brand websites. Your target is being coaxed and enticed to take action from the likes of Coke, McDonald’s, My Pillow, Geico, and so many other consumer marketers.

To help craft messages that will get your audience’s attention, review your own email inbox by setting up a spreadsheet with three columns: Professional, Industry, and Personal, aka the PIP method. Set aside few minutes a day, for 5 days. In each column identify 3-5 emails that made you take an action; open, read, respond to, or delete. These can be positive and negative reactions but should be the one that comes to your mind first. Keep them in the 3 categories.

Professional: Emails that come into your work inbox. They can be from anyone—a colleague, current vendor, or even SPAM.
Industry: Emails that are industry related. Invitations to an event or conference, daily or weekly e-newsletters, etc.
Personal: Any personal emails, including SPAM

At the end of the week, review your spreadsheet. What words or phrases made you take action? Did you go back and open or re-read an email? Which SPAM emails did you immediately delete or open, and why?

Reviewing the answers to these questions can provide a beneficial and constructive direction for how you enhance your own email messages and readability and enable these emails to break through the CRM noise to get your message read.

And that’s what it’s all about.

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