Many clients have an up and down relationship with their agency.

Sometimes, they aren’t satisfied with the creative output, while other times they’re wowed by an overabundance of creative choices. Strategic input from agency partners can be incisive and just what’s needed, or it can feel uninspired. In many cases, a client/agency relationship will sour if clients don’t always feel their agency is in the trenches with them. So how does one overcome this? Even better, how can a client team avoid this from happening? It’s about ensuring you get the most out of your agency.

Agencies specialize in marketing. It’s what they do. While creative is their output, it’s the thinking that goes into any creative that is key. Some clients prefer to handle the strategic thinking for their brand without agency input, then leave the creative for the agency team. Ideally, including agencies in the strategic process brings a different perspective on the issues facing a brand. And most times, agencies aren’t beholden to any corporate politics when applying their thinking. This can lead to greater input in the overall strategic process and quite possibly provide a unique perspective on any number of subjects.

Agency teams that operate as true client partners also provide added value. When client teams look at their agencies as extensions of the brand teams, there is an interconnectivity that exists, with both teams operating almost seamlessly. This approach leads to greater integration in thinking and in all likelihood a better understanding and acceptance of creative work. Including agency teams in almost everything, with members of the agency team acting as an extension of their brand team, can enhance the work the agency produces.

An agency is made up of individuals. These individuals usually come from a more varied background than the average set of client teams. Agency Account, Copy, Art, and Project Management departments include people with different skillsets and varied personalities. This diversity can provide thinking that is often ahead of the curve. It’s what makes agencies creative. Taking advantage of the diversity of talent within agencies can lead to greater thinking, and more distinctive creative.

Finally, live meetings—ideally in person but at least through video conferencing—always lead to more productive, more successful interactions than any teleconference or remote meeting can hope to do. And when you meet live, have fun. Working with your agency team should be one of the highlights of your day.

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