Launching a new corporate entity in an entrenched and crowded marketplace always comes with challenges. When that marketplace is close knit, like the hemophilia community, relationships are strong among all stakeholders—patients, caregivers, and the healthcare professionals who treat them. It’s a small but very engaged group of people all striving to make a better life for themselves.

Our focus on finding the Behavioral and Attitudinal drivers within the market helped differentiate our client, HEMA Biologics, as being uniquely focused on rare bleeding disorders and being aligned with the community’s needs and goals. Based on our analysis, a name, position, core brand elements, corporate personality traits, and the corporate mission were developed to help define HEMA Biologics.

  • Launched new website in time for key conferences within five months
  • Site achieved targeted number of hits within the first month
  • Awareness for new company was high among target audience
  • Additional corporate materials were developed and utilized to further reach the hemophilia community

We’re proud to continue partnering with HEMA Biologics to help the hemophilia community!