PM360 recently asked Beacon’s Chief Strategic Officer Adrienne Lee how recent changes are impacting pharma’s relationship with payers and the keys to successfully engaging with payers. Specifically, the publication wanted to know what Adrienne thought would be the biggest changes to the dynamic between payers and pharma in 2019 and beyond? And how would these changes affect pharma’s dealings with payers?

Here’s what she said:

“I believe that the payer-pharma relationship is becoming more complicated due to rising customer expectations. Successful companies will need to shift the payer-pharma interaction from a transactional, rebate-based contracting relationship towards an integrated, value-based, total-cost-of-care relationship.

“We’re already seeing how new business models are disrupting the payer-pharma dynamic. This will accelerate the push for outcomes-based or value-based contracting with pharma and require customer-facing teams to develop the skills to negotiate with payers equipped to perform their own sophisticated analyses.”

You can read Adrienne’s full response here.

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