The days of celebrity promotion as the gold standard for social influencing are numbered. A new generation of influencers has emerged, mapping new inroads to success for pharmaceutical marketing.

The rise of social media has brought with it a new culture of social influencing that is inspiring Agencies to forgo high-cost (and high maintenance) celebrity influencers for smaller players with greater degrees of trust from their followers. Hollywood stardom is no longer required for influence. Youtube stars, Twitter personalities, and Instagram models are being leveraged more than ever for their reach and engagement, bridging the gap between brands and their target audiences.

In the context of healthcare communications, Advertisers can reach patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers in a BRAND new way (pun intended). As both a cost-effective and brand-awareness-raising medium, social influencing presents an unparalleled opportunity to increase patient advocacy and capture further market share.

I’ll elaborate by sharing a personal experience- before being diagnosed with a severe sinus disease called Samters Triad, a chronic condition defined by asthma, sinus inflammation with recurring nasal polyps, and aspirin sensitivity, I spent countless hours researching my symptoms and exploring treatment options. I joined several private Facebook and reddit groups, followed Otolaryngologists on Twitter, searched hashtags on Instagram, the list goes on ad infinitum. Learning from other people that I encountered online with the same condition, it was suggested that I go speak with an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) Doctor where I was finally diagnosed.

So why is that significant? Because my journey to diagnosis started not with watching celebrity commercials but with scrolling through the humble depths of social media. My testimony may inspire pharma marketers to heed the power and scope of influence that can be found in the social avenues.

The future of marketing is here and it’s changing the game. It’s time to start playing ball.

-Corey Winkler
Account Coordinator
Beacon Healthcare Communications

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